Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dollar Menu Challenge: BK Stacker

Don't drive off the road when you notice your dollar BACON!
Taste: 8/10 BACON is the only reason the BK Stacker is getting an 8.  Aside from the bacon mine just tasted like their mayo sauce- seeing as it was swimming in it.  The burger was more or less tasteless (so much for the grill).
Texture: 7/10 Bacon is good, bacon so thick in parts that I had to rip the burger like a rabid possum, not so good.
Preparation: 9/10 BACON. For $1.
Appearance: 7/10 Cute looking burger. You can see the bacon sticking out of it.

Overall: I'd give this an 7/10. It’s cheap, it has bacon, it’s generally tasty.  HOWEVER There’s only one patty, and bland uneven texture.
1.      McDouble
2.      BK Stacker

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